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Whether your horse is Cheltenham Festival bound, a Classic runner, selling plater or hurdler we have the knowledge and expertise to help them achieve their full potential.

Donnington Grove offers comprehensive veterinary services to racehorse trainers and owners by a team led by highly respected clinicians.


Routine yard and stable visits for blood sampling and scoping to monitor fitness and health, with analysis of samples by our excellent in-house laboratory, combined with assessment, diagnosis and treatment of lameness on yards are an integral part of our service. 


Equipped with portable digital x-ray and ultrasound equipment we are able to work to a high standard and manage most lameness cases at your yard. 

Similarly, overground endoscopic and telemetric ECG equipment allows us to thoroughly investigate poor performance issues on-site. 

When necessary, we have the advantage of immediate access to advanced diagnostic equipment and surgical expertise at our own RCVS accredited hospital. A service many ambulatory practices cannot provide. 

We offer the complete veterinary service required for successful racehorse training

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