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We perform over 100 colic surgeries annually at Donnington Grove, more than two a week. We are always open for colic and any other emergency surgery, whether it is Christmas day, or during the height of the Covid 19 lockdown. Thus, the operating team is some of the most experienced in the UK. A team of six specialists provide round the clock care, and there are always two experienced surgeons on call at any time. 


Donnington Grove also performs large amounts of ‘wind’ surgery, again much of it in the standing sedated horse. We were at the forefront of undertaking ‘tie backs” whilst the horse is sedated rather than under general anaesthesia.   


We are also experienced and equipped to carry out laparoscopy for the diagnostic evaluation of conditions of the abdominal cavity and for minimally invasive surgery, such as removal of abdominally retained testicles and ovaries affected by granulosa cell tumours. Complications associated with laparoscopy are minimal and recovery is usually quicker compared to traditional surgery for such conditions. 


Donnington Grove is staffed and equipped to cope with any emergency.

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