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Radiographs or ‘X-rays’ are an essential tool in the diagnosis of equine lameness. 


Traditionally a hospital based procedure, in recent years the advent of high-quality portable digital imaging has allowed us to transfer much of the radiography into the field. This allows us to attain high quality diagnostic images without the hassle of you having to transport your horse. Donnington Grove Equine Vets have several mobile x-ray units and the latest iteration of these is completely battery powered, eliminating all wires from the procedure!   


Whilst most radiography can take place in the yard setting some of the harder to image areas, such as the upper limb, spine or chest, are better done in the hospital.  The hospital x-ray generator has additional power and this extra energy allows better penetration of these thick body parts. In addition, techniques involving the precise injection of joint spaces under x-ray guidance are easier done in the hospital.  


If you are unsure as to whether your horse would benefit from radiographs in either the ambulatory or hospital setting please contact the surgery.

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