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Lameness is the most common presenting sign requiring veterinary attendance. Donnington Grove offers the latest in surgical, medical and physical therapies of lameness, including regenerative and biological injections, extracorporeal (shockwave) therapy, laser therapy, chiropractic treatment and remedial farriery. 

Our team of experienced ambulatory veterinary surgeons will often reach a diagnosis at your yard following detailed examination or utilizing nerve blocks and portable diagnostic equipment, including wireless digital radiography or ultrasonography. 


In other instances, where the lameness is either complex or requires further advanced imaging, it may be appropriate to admit your horse into our hospital, where facilities allow for in hand examination, lunging & ridden assessment. 


The hospital is equipped with all the latest in diagnostic equipment to help achieve an answer including objective equine gait analysis (Equigait®), digital radiography, ultrasonography, nuclear scintigraphy (bone scan) and standing MRI.

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