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Endoscopy’s main indication for use in the horse is to examine and sample the upper and lower airways of the lungs and to also view the stomach for ulcers. Images are displayed on a screen which can be recorded and stored on the horse’s medical record.  


We have a selection of endoscopes for such examinations and these procedures can frequently be carried out at your premises, negating the need to travel the horse into the hospital. 


At Donnington Grove we have many years of experience with overground endoscopy.  This video-endoscopic examination, undertaken during ridden exercise, is the gold standard diagnostic tool for examining and assessing the function of a horse’s throat. As many laryngeal problems are not evident with endoscopic examination at rest, the overground scope proves invaluable in reaching a diagnosis of previously undetectable conditions.  


Within the Hospital, endoscopy is often used as part of extensive investigations of medical problems and is also used, in combination with a surgical laser, for many upper airway (throat) surgeries. In addition, it has use for medical and surgical procedures of the urinary and reproductive tracts. 

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