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Dental examination and treatment in the horse is an important part of any routine health care programme. The majority of routine dentistry  and some minor surgery, such as removal of wolf teeth or ‘caps’, can be performed at your premises by the Donnington Grove ambulatory team who have undergone further postgraduate training in equine dentistry.  


We care about minimizing stress for both patient and owner. Our vets can administer intravenous sedation and painkillers along with nerve-blocking techniques ensuring a safe, pain-free environment. Additional diagnostic services such as dental radiography or oral endoscopy can also be performed at the yard.  


Oral examination should be performed every 6-12 months depending on age, dental history and oral conformation. Combining routine dentistry with vaccinations is a good way of maintaining optimum oral health in your horse. 


Animals which require more advanced dental care such as cheek tooth removal, periodontal or endodontic treatment can be managed at the hospital. World renowned dental specialist Chris Pearce MRCVS of the Equine Dental Clinic holds regular clinics at Donnington Grove and, where appropriate, cases can also be referred for his expertise. 

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