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Since 2020 Donnington Grove Equine Vets has installed the Hallmarq’s standing CT scanner. This is a cone beam CT scanner, specifically designed to image the distal limb of the standing, sedated horse.


The CT can obtain images of the foot, pastern, fetlock and distal cannon bone of both the forelimbs and hind limbs. Similar to the standing MRI, the standing system avoids the need for general anaesthesia, reducing the risk of the patient. In 60 seconds it collects 900 x-rays that are reconstructed into 3-D imaging. When this is combined with the proven motion correction software, you get more than a conventional radiograph. Radiation dose is comparable to digital radiography enabling both operator and handler to remain with the patient whilst imaging is acquired. It is ideal for pre-operative imaging to determine the precise location of the pathology. It has been used a lot for non-displaced fractures, keratomas, pedal bone osteitis ect. The combination of the standing CT and MRI will give you the whole picture in many cases.

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