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Donnington Grove Equine Vets is a large independent equine practice with an ambulatory department serving the veterinary needs of horses and ponies throughout Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. We have an international reputation as a centre of excellence and our RCVS accredited Equine Hospital and Specialists provides referral services for veterinary surgeons throughout the South, South West and Midlands of England.  


To provide clinical excellence, compassion and care to the clients and patients under our care. We encourage and support ongoing professional development of our staff and are committed to continuing improvement and investment in our facilities. 


Donnington Grove Veterinary Group takes its name from the geographical location of Donnington, originally a village to the northwest of Newbury town centre, sitting in the shadow of Donnington Castle, a fortification going back to the Civil War in the early 17th century. Long established in the local area, Donnington Grove Veterinary Group is thought to have originated in the early 1900s. Initially a mixed practice dealing primarily with farm animals and horses and with all vets working with all species, the practice has evolved, particularly over the last 30 years, The practice now has vets dedicated to either horses or small animals with 29 vets on the equine side and 13 on the small animal, reflecting the relative size of each part of the practice. 


With the organic growth of the practice over the last thirty years, the Donnington location has become steadily busier, and the increasing footfall has led the partners to consider expansion of the equine hospital to an out of town site. We are presently attempting to acquire planning permission on a site that has been identified as suitable for such expansion.


The Equine department consists of 9 partners and associate partners ably assisted by 13 associates and 6 house vets, supported by specialist nursing staff, laboratory staff and receptionists. The hospital is staffed 24/7 and a full out of hours service is provided in all divisions of the practice. 



There are extensive career opportunities at Donnington Grove within all areas of the practice. Our approach is collaborative and team driven, creating exciting and limitless personal and professional growth for all.

We post all vacancies on Facebook and on our News feed. To keep connected and learn of vacancies as quickly as possible please follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our News feed by clicking the link below.

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